Reasons to Write 1# I meet my higher self and gain wisdom

When I started writing the Vesper Chronicles I realized that there was a connection that I’d learned from sharing a journey with her. As a character and energy she was always present in my mind. From the beginning of the day to late at night she was forever popping in, telling me her secrets and showing up for me to reveal things that I needed to know.  

In turn I created a character who reflected parts of me, small fractions of others, and entities that travelled through my unconscious mind from all parts of the universe to share their wisdom. With pen to paper, fingers banging the keyboards I drafted story after story that reflected the questions most prevalent in my mind and that mimicked a lot of the lessons that have been weaved throughout my life.  There was a connection, a merging of mind and spirit with the physical act of listening and scribing.

I lived the life of a seer with inky black fingers, dancing with the movements of the characters whose existence was as real to me as my family and friends.

When I finished the first draft of one of my novels in the series, it came to me that Vesper was a part of my higher self and that I had connected with a wise being and energy that was within me, and outside of me. It met with resonance with the belief I have that I am a Goddess, my own God, my own star and knowing this inspired me to pick up my pen time and time again to connect with that part of myself that needed and wanted to be vocalized, and who always showed up when I did. 

Even in times when I was struggling internally with the logical need to validate or separate her as a character, or figment of my imagination (as opposed to what I really believed her to be and my purpose in this life time; to share the stories of these parts of my higher self and other selves) She was there in front of that blank piece of paper.

I had created a direct line that has all the knowledge and secrets of the cosmos and communicates through my subconscious and unconscious mind. What a gift, a blessing, and that voice and its messages are my commitment in this life time. What I receive from tapping into that is priceless and holds my integrity and passion within its every strand. 

To know at the end of the pen I can take myself anywhere and connect with all the different versions of myself past, present, future and in different timelines is freedom to me.


I know I have a higher source that is one with everything and unique to me. It is integral to my creativity and spiritual practice which are one in the same and often merge with one another. The wisdom that I gain is always what is needed and it is only when I deny the pen that I forget that I do have a higher source and that I am part of it. I can always choose to write from it, and with it and that is when I get stuck and feel alone, when I don’t make that choice or feel like I am unworthy too.

I value that voice, my higher self as a writer and a reason to write. I value the voices that this power embodies.

How do you feel you connect with your higher self?

Do you feel, like me, that the voices of your characters are parts of yourself in this life time or others?


Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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