Monday Reflection & Exercises - Week One

Welcome to Monday Reflection and Exercises. In this post I will be sharing with you seven questions that draw upon the sub-chapters read this week and four exercises that will help you to connect with the magic explored this week in Celtic Myth and magic by Edain mccoy.

Reflective Questions

Reflective questions are a combination of journaling and study questions that make you think about your practice and open your mind to understanding your own process. They invite you to go beyond the text to come to your own conclusions.

This week we read about Celtic Traditions, The Sacred 3x3 and Celtic Elemental associations. The reflection questions and exercises are focused around the sub-chapters read.

* Will you [or do you] study solitary or in a group [Coven]

* What are your feelings around Hierarchy? Are you against it or for it? Why and why not? [Is it even applicable to your study and practice]

* What skills do you have that you could teach others and what skills do you need to reach out for others to learn?

* What tradition are you drawn to? How do you think you will integrate it into your practice/study?

* What are three things that foster magical high spirits for you?

* What element are you most called to?

* What time of day are you at your highest and lowest charges of energy? Why do you think this is?


These exercises are created to take you out of the book and into your practice with diverse ideas. Feel free to join some of them together to create a new ritual or take pieces that inspire you on the path to new information, communities and practices.

* Create a small elemental altar using found objects from nature that represent each element. Meditate on them to charge them with energy. Stones or rocks, leaves, branches, bark, shells are great examples.

* Research the use of one of the three expressions of sacred Celtic art and use it in your practice this week - Draw it, paint it, use your wand or fingers to draw it in your circle or meditate on it.

* Pick one tradition off your list and research it through blogs, youtube, online magazines, zines or other resources.

* Walk the circle of Celtic time and its correspondences through the day and document your feelings, shifts and changes that occur. Keep notes for a week - What are your findings? Are there any high energy times? What happens in the evening? When are you most inspired? Consider shifting your perspective and doing things you normally wouldn’t do during the times of the day, do them at other times and document your experience.

Let me know if you use any of these questions and exercises. I would love your feedback, and look forward to hearing your response.

If you are guided you can use these prompts on INSTAGRAM - using the #celticmythandmagicstudy2016

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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