Monday Reflection and Excercises

What an interesting week it has been in my study. The chapters were in depth, and spanned several ethnic groups, designs and prominent aspects of the culture that not only reflected mood, hierarchy and landmark. It touched upon cosmic beliefs, beautiful connections and ways to step into and reconstruct the time period for yourself by looking at the modes of dress, and by appreciating and creating sacred art.

This week with the focus on Celtic clothing and art I was drawn to delve a little deeper into the art and messages behind my Druidcraft deck. After reading the sub-chapters I began to notice the patterns of clothing, style, region and rank within the deck, which added an element that I had not considered as both a reader and a writer. 

What a wealth of new inspiration, and a promising way to come at the cards when bringing them to the center of questioning, and I am excited this week to bring you questions that you too can use to explore your cards and the Celtic study path from a different angle along with exercises to get you considering creating your own forms of art. These are by no means extensive and I have prompted you with the ideas with the specific purpose that if you choose to, you can begin to follow your own guide and look for places to source crafty inspiration.

Reflection Questions 

[The questions highlighted in purple relate to questions to take into your exploration of your chosen deck]

·         * What does ritual nudity represent to you? Following along the beliefs of the Celts; what do you feel expands your life force and Astral body?

·         * How do you want to experience freedom and equality in your life and practice? What does it look like?

·         * What do you see when you look at Celtic art? Can you see the cosmic influences and beliefs or the natural world – I.e. the knots, swirls and twists? 

·         * What do you already know about Celtic Dress?

·       Can you notice the difference in the hairstyles in the men and women of different ethnic groups, and rankings?

·        * Which ethnic culture are you drawn to: Irish – Welsh – Scottish and what clothing or style are you drawn to? An example could be Tartan. 


·        * Draw a card that represents your PRIMAL POWER and LIFE FORCE that you share with Deity [You can find my example below]

·         * Create your own Adders Tongue to wear as jewelry or use in ritual [Use twine, beads, shells, or gems] and make a pendant using Adders Tongue herbs. You will need to do your own research on Adders Tongue. 

·         * Refer to clans, ranking and family’s alongside God and Goddess in your Celtic deck and make note on the different clothing, accessories and art or symbols in the images

·        * Create a Scepter from a fallen branch and energize it under the different moon cycles with elemental energy. Consider using colors, fabric or etching ethnic symbols into the wood if possible that resonate with your chosen path [I will be making a Scepter over the next week and will share pictures next Monday]


I used my Druidcraft for this. For most of the future exercise examples I plan on using this deck to develop a stronger connection with it. If you don’t have your own deck you can purchase the Fools Dog app on Google or use any deck that you have. 


 KEYWORDS: Happiness – Love- Fulfillment – Natural States- Inheritance – Source- Dream Incarnation


When I was writing my reflection the word that stood out most to me about my power, purpose and life force alongside working with my Goddess was INHERITANCE.
My Legacy: to connect all that I have inherited that grew as a seed both through DNA and cosmologically, to all I have put down on paper, created and manifested. All that I have drawn out and shared both painful and pleasurable. This mixture of healing comes from identifying a legacy, a thought an action, behavior or belief prevalent through generations to me now and that I want to call into question to release, understand  to heal by turning to the magical path of putting words on paper for me, for others and the future ancestors blood or spiritual

Will Worthington’s Site:

 I would love to hear your response to the Ten of Cups or your own POWER card and what it means to you. Happy reading & I look forward to sharing my studies with you next week.



Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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