January - Chapter one - Week Four - Celtic Myth and Magick Study 2016

Hello sacred journeyers? How has your week been? Did you find a power animal using the Celtic Tarot challenge? Or pen your own poetry? Did you find music that inspired you in creative or sacred space? Feel free to share your workings, and study progress with me via email, Instagram or your own blog post. I love hearing back from you, and following others following the Celtic Pantheon.

As we round up the month and head into the last week of January the focus of the reading leans more towards preparation for the next chapters.  These are short and can easily be read in a day.

Whenever there are short chapters, I will be using the time during the week to focus on anything that really captured my attention and also research that I have made notes on over the past four weeks.

I have also made a change in when the week’s sub-chapters posts will be uploaded. I will now be posting Fridays instead of Thursdays.  Mondays will remain the same at the moment.

This week’s sub-chapters

  • ·        Celtic Food and drink
  • ·        When to do rituals
  • ·        When to do pagan magic
  • ·        The essence of paganism


This week I wanted to draw my focus towards the sacred animals of the Celtic pantheon. Totems to me have always been an element of the practice both modern and ancient that has been fascinating fodder for writing, and provocation for my insatiable curiosity towards a more shamanistic path of magic.

I started working with my Wisdom of the Avalon oracle cards just picking out the ones that related to my Goddess. I have found that by honing in on those ones in particular my relationship with my Goddess has started to shift and is growing stronger in energy. I feel that by allowing myself to explore the different powers of the cards and the animal medicine of each I have found that I resonate strongly with the power energy of birds.

This isn’t something new entirely; birds have been always in my life. I have a collection of feathers, and there are feathers laying in every room somewhere. I have ornaments, pictures in my room and sacred space too. What emerged though was a deeper realization that I work best with the energy of birds and that is where I draw my power.

Initially I drew as a focus the SERPENT and the COW and that energy sat on my Altar with the Morrighan, and as I let it sit there, more animal energy came through and now I am working with birds. Usually my method of connecting comes from a heart cantered place, lately my mind has been analytical – swords like, air and that is symbolised by birds. Combined with the other elements [like water] I have been able to experience what their messages have been for me, and how I can integrate it into certain areas of practice.

Never be afraid to change things if they do not resonate.
Always ask why and make note of why that is.

Looking at the SERPENT and the COW the key themes were: knowledge, healing, nourishment, and asking, receiving, abundance. This whole month for me has been a huge lesson in asking for help, opening up, noticing where I am sitting in lack, being blessed by peoples generosity and receiving that love and support and knowing that knowledge isn’t always a need to fill the mental library it is also about coming back to the heart and listening to what is needed to heal and learn from there.

Power is in movement, in shifting, experimenting, exploring and being a Magician, Priestess, maverick seeker. 

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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