Monday Reflections & Excercises - Week Three




This week’s reading left a lot to be desired. I was looking forward to reading about the Celtic history of music, dance, and poetry and found that the sparse historical knowledge was replaced for more of a tour guide or advertisement for particular places, shops and further reading. I love further reading, and I will source out any recommended reading list at the end of the book, however this chapter left me wanting and was rather disappointing. 

What little information it provided would be sufficed for the reader who wants a little tid-bit of facts. If you want more meat, it would be recommended that you look elsewhere as I will be for more of what I hoped this book would contain. 

The topic of sacred animals was fantastic and gave me what I needed with a brief overview of the animals, and importance in the culture. It is for this reason my reflection and exercises heavily reflect what I found useful. 

Let me know how you found the chapter and what you found useful and inspirational? Did you find there was enough detail or would you have liked to see it fleshed out a little more?


*Do you know what animals are connected with your deity/deity’s? If not, choose this week to do some research by reading their myths and stories – If you already know what they are – How do you feel you could go deeper into the symbolism and energy of the animals?

*Have you ever used animal energy in your practice/ritual before? What was your experience if so? What is your resistance if any? If you drawn to particular animals which ones are they and why do you feel that you are drawn to them? If you are not drawn to animals in magical practice why do you feel that?

*Would you see Deity or sacred animals harder to connect with [as animals have a physical representation as a living creature] what would you or could you use as a physical representation of the sacred animal and connection to deity?


A lot of the exercises can be used with music in the background, in ritual, to connect and poetry is a topic I will be covering throughout the year within my own practice within the pantheon.

 I plan on remedying the lack of depth in these chapters with my own resources over the year and will include questions and exercises pertaining to any further books I read, videos I watch or links that reflect these topics.

*If you don’t have a particular deity or you don’t have a specific one and are intrigued by the animals mentioned, do some research of one animal and its cross references in other pantheons outside the Celtic Pantheon. Then for one week make a connection with that animal as a guide. WRITE to it – SPEAK to it & CONNECT with its symbolism. 

*Pick five animals not mentioned relating to ASTROLOGY and look for their associations within the Celtic Astrology or different pantheons and then relate the similarities and differences. Using that you have gleaned connect an animal to each month of this year, or choose a specific month such as JANUARY and work with the messages, and associations in your life and practice.

I will be connecting with the BEAR – CROW – BULL- SERPENT & DOG

*Create an artistic representation of the animals you are most drawn to – Draw, paint, collage, or find images that you can color online. There are lots of kids craft projects or crafty ideas that provide inspiration and reflect the culture. Connecting with the spirits of these animals honors your inner child, and can be powerful as an entrance into shamanic path walking. If you have children this can be a great way to engage with them & if art is not your think, dance the animals moves – let yourself go and allow the every of movement to bring forth the energy of the animal in your space, practice and altar. 

*Look through your Celtic decks and see if you can find any animals throughout. Make note of what cards they are present in and what you feel their connection is with the meaning of the card and your own intuitive interpretation.  Put the card on your altar or pull out the cards with animals in them and use them to draw from during this week.

I will be using my Wisdom of the Avalon Oracle card deck for this, and the power card. I will also be using my Druidcraft to spot any animals and what they mean to me in my practice. Inviting them in using different interpretations of art and meanings connects to community, culture and the magic of these beautiful beings. 

*Using music and the energy of your chosen sacred animal PEN A POEM that connects the two together that you can use in the next moons ritual with the shifts, release or manifestations ahead, in daily meditation or prayer, as an entrance into the otherworld and specific Celtic doorways, or as an offering to your sacred Deity.


Using the Wisdom of the Avalon oracle or Druid Animal deck or something similar that has Celtic animals in it, shuffle the cards asking the question:  
for this week, month, or year of 2016.
Invite the animal into your circle for the next moon cycle, write and talk to the animal everyday & during your time spent with it ask:





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