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Hello and welcome to Dreamer’s Den; a collective resource, tool box and den of inspiration. In this journey I aim to support, guide, and motivate you to begin to explore and expand your connection of the subconscious mind through the practice of dream interpretation.

A note on using Dream Cards as part of my practice
To delve right into the techniques that I practice when interpreting Dreams, it is important to note that these are my interpretations and methods for calling upon the cards for support and messages. Take the essence of what I have to offer and use it in your own practice to investigate and enliven your approach to your beliefs, values, and your own opinions of dreaming and how it plays a part in your spiritual path.
Firstly, before we get into the meat I would also like to go through a few common questions that will benefit clients and those new to dream interpretation, as well as those who want to refresh their knowledge in their journey so far.
What is Dream Interpretation
Everyone has their own definition of what this means to them. From my personal perspective it is the study, integration and exploration of bringing your subconscious and consciousness into unity, delving into both the light and shadow aspects that both areas of the psyche have to offer, and deciphering the images and messages that occur in the subconscious to aid the conscious aspect of our psyche in waking life.

What do I need to begin with?
I use two foundations when going into an interpretation session; a recently documented dream and/or Dream Cards.  I conduct sessions alone, or for my clients using either a written expression of the dream I am wanting to decode  or by using a card as a basis to get a deeper understanding of the  underlining issues present in my dreams of that of my clients. 
Using the written dream and the cards together is a powerful way to unite the conscious mind with the subconscious mind in a both logical and visual way, Stimulating the left and right sides of the brain.


In terms of other tools, what do you use?
·      A few sheets of paper
·      Pens and highlighters
·      Post-it notes
·      A dream dictionary [if I am struggling or need a confirmation on an idea] and of course a section of time to focus on going deeper.
·      I might also use meditation to help me center myself, and copious pots of herbal tea.


Do I really need a documented dream to begin a dream interpretation session?
It helps when going into a dream interpretation session to at least have one and if you opt for a recent dream make sure that you have at least 1-5 symbols or a few lines of notes to begin the process. Going by memory can be done, however in my experience and that of those I have spoken to, it is more beneficial if you have something clearly written down to work with.

What are Dream Cards?
If you are familiar with Tarot or Oracle cards, these respond to the same principle. They seek to connect the subconscious mind and bring symbols or [Archetypal themes] to the conscious mind through visual stimulation. These could be in the form of words, pictures, or colors and numbers.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what dream interpretation is, the foundations and techniques I use and how they differ from one another let’s get into what to look at when interpreting a dream, the breakdown of each technique and a further five ways that you can go deeper and focus on certain areas of your dream.

What to look when interpreting a dream or using a Dream card?
·      Initial first thoughts – What immediately comes into your consciousness when you look at the image or think upon a symbol?
·      Five Core Triggers
·      Five Potent Symbols
·      Five Self –Directed Questions
·      The Dream Story
·      The message


Breaking it down
·      Initial thoughts at first glance – Symbols – Imprints – First thoughts
·      Triggers – Associations and moving through the senses [5]
·      Bringing the dream story into context – Any related dreams
·      Expanding the purpose of the dream with self direct questions – Looking at our current life situations or our past
·      Wrapping it up together to connect the subconscious with the conscious alongside the unconscious - which is the Archetype of the entire human experience.


If you want to go deeper focus on these top five foundation steps to get you moving.
·      Who or what are the people or animals in your dream? Were there any familiar faces, or was your dream full of strangers, describe them as you would upon describing to a friend someone new you just met, likewise for animals.
·      Location? Where are you – is it local, fantastical or a combination?
·      Could you control your actions & responses during the dream? [Lucid dreaming] or was it harder to control your actions until you woke up?
·       What was your intent in the dream? – If you could pinpoint the reason for your journey, what would it be?
·      What were the numbers or Colors in your dream? – Pick out any that stood out, or that you have an affinity to. You can use Numerology or color therapy as a technique to connect with numbers and colors as well as consulting Chakra therapy resources to bring you even deeper insight.

 In the series Dream Den Healing, I will be using these techniques and furthering them to explore a series of symbols using a Dream Card deck. Here I will go  further into: 
. Creating self directed questions 
. Give examples of my own dreams and how they could relate to life and how to tie those together
. Take a look at assosiations from a generational perspective [Do Dream symbols run in the family?]
. Give you further techniques into interpreting your dreams, keeping a journal and using other forms of Divination that you can use alongside these cards to promote and strengthen your dreaming and waking landscape. 

As you can see, the depth of which you can use your dreams to explore your waking life and vice versa has no real limitations. It is all individual, as each dream is individual and will call for more digging and practice.
 The best part is that even if you hardly recollect your dreams, you can begin the practice of jotting down even a few symbols or using the dream cards like in my upcoming series. DREAM DEN HEALING, to aid you in connecting to your spiritual journey on a deeper level, as well as integrating the lessons from your dreams to expand and empower your waking life.



Next week check out my new series Dream Den Healing
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