Weekly Guided Reading - April 20th-26th 2015



 Hello Beautiful Souls, this is your WEEKLY GUIDED READING inspired by MOTHER MARY

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Trusting in what is right for yourself is the message for this week guided by the Mother energy that shifts us through Aries into Taurus. By honoring yourself and grounding others to live in their honesty, your energy and the support of others will align to create authentic attitudes, behaviors and practices that will bring you personal power and aid in empowering those around you.

 It is time to speak up, show courage in your convictions and act through the discomfort that you are being called to address. Stand your ground, and speak from your heart. You are guided to be a messenger of truth.

Compassion and Devotion

Commitment to developing and exploring your beliefs through ritual and nourishing practice is your devotion this week. 

This is your time of healing, and helping Gaia as you become aware of your the areas you need to call into question. The focus is on you and having the compassion, gentleness, willingness to listen and to work with the spirit that vibrates inside you. Be devoted to the understanding of your reactions to situations around you this week, and what they leave behind in your energy body.

 Give yourself time in sacred space, or create spaces that hold the energy of devotion, allow no negative or self deprecation to fill your cup. Clear those parts of you that wants to cling to secrets and separation. 

This is a time of forgiveness, acceptance, allowance and the beautiful dance of love and movement. To begin, ask yourself this question, and take an action step through a willingness to feel, and experience what is important to you and why it is integral to realign yourself with your personal integrity.



Quote Reflection & Journaling

This week’s Quote reflection comes from a current Fiction read: The Ancient Future by Traci Harding.

“That be where the human race keeps failing. People keep turning to these religions, when all they really need, be to love, know and believe in themselves” –pg 207 – The Ancient Future.



How much do you rely on your spirituality to encourage love, knowledge and belief in your own power? 

If you took your religion or practice away how would you relate to yourself and the world at large and communicate? 

How would you express yourself? 

Do you believe you have the ability to step outside of religion and discover yourself?

Write about this for fifteen minutes – then create a short story, poem, or even a blog post about your experience through this writing prompt.



·      What will support you this week in standing in your convictions?

·      How do you deal with people who want you to step outside of your integrity?

·       Where can you see that someone else may not be honoring themselves? Go back and see where you both mirror each other.

·      What words are empowering to you and make you feel in alignment with your own integrity?

Have a Blessed Week Lovelies – xx Blair

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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