Weekly Guided Tarot Reading - April 6th-12th 2015



 Here is your guided insight into what energies you can tap into this week to live your Authentic Bliss.


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Seven of Swords- Patience and Planning – Going inwards to do outwards

At the start of the week, feeling the drive to put plans into action will be high. The need to go inwards to sift through and flesh out the intellectual work that is needed to be done to make our plans solid is what is calling first, though. This is where you get to look at what you can truly handle, and choose how you want to work with what you have, and where you may need to delegate to others at a later date
You are on a quest for self transformation, and a higher purpose that relies on your physical ability to create it and bring it into being. You need to better understand your motives and reasoning, and this is a fantastic time to introspect rather than act impulsively. Have the courage to balance the drive for movement, and the first step of going inwards to do so.
Take care of yourself this week. In the past few weeks you may have seen in a lapse in your movement, and energy/food consumption due to the turbulent energies that are now coming to us, and have been building up through the eclipses. Come back to the self, and congratulate yourself for any partial successes, however small they may have been and know that by addressing your needs and wants, you will have a firmer handle on what it is that you can do to continue on journey in a healthy light.

Eight of Cups- Going Rogue – Emotional Withdrawal

Drawing on the guidance from the overarching monthly forecast of energies, we are pulled in to emphasis of “making time for me”. Going your own way or disconnecting to go inwards is how you will begin to integrate what you are learning about your spiritual practices and beliefs into action. Leaving behind controversial or conventional ideas about what that means for you, you begin to rewrite what sacred space is calling you towards and offering.
This is a time of imbalance, charge, change and re-establishing harmony. It is time for you to become the teacher, and the mentor of yourself. This is a great time to study, read, watch inspirational videos, and re-read any works that have inspired you in the past to draw inspiration and fresh perspective from. We need to withdraw emotionally at this period in time so that we can be the facilitators of our own movement forward, our introspection, and to delve into the shadow landscape to see what needs to be brought to the surface to make swift moves after we come out of the week of withdrawal; in the direction of our authentic alignment.
You may feel the imbalance of temptation and overstimulation. The simplest way to check in with yourself is take yourself out of a situation where excess has come into your awareness and look at why you feel the desire to participate in it.

Seven of wands – Standing your Ground – Strength in your convictions

Be prepared for conflict this coming weekend. In the past you have learned the hard way, ignoring the red flags as they come to you in light of obligation. Understanding that not everyone is on the same path as you will be paramount, and leave wriggle room to change plans and be flexible.
This is where you need to look at where you take and give power, and where it is taken from and given to you. Remain vigilant, and firm in your convictions. Stand your ground, especially in times of withdrawal where the judgments of others may sway you to end it abruptly. Seek cooperation in any situation rather than completion, even when you feel the pull to be a part of it. The insight being offered is that by working with your throat chakra and solar plexus to open up the energy to being receptive, rather than passive you will be raising your own vibrations, and speaking your truth, and there will be no need to feed into the energy and friction of competition.
Establishing the real work from the drama will be your first step in raising the unconscious to the surface. This is a time of refinement and adjustment, and that may mean questioning the roles we play in lives and that of others. Have fun playing around the way that they look to you and your beliefs around those roles. Question them. You are in a safe and guided place this weekend to do so. Your self-awareness is changing at a rapid rate, and this is a time to clearly define your position, and be willing to question all positions. You have the power to find out what you believe in, and don’t be afraid that when confronted with your fears and desires, to be firm in what you truly to believe aligns within you to your authenticity.


This week’s Journaling Questions

·      How do you define yourself?
·      What do you strongly/or not believe in?
·      What do you want to bring to your awareness in your time of introspection?
·      How can you take better care of your spiritual self: mentally and physically?
·      What triggers or reactions have been activated around the roles you live and act out in your life?


I wanted to share something a little different this week and recommend one of my favorite Albums: The Killers- Day & Age. Each time I listen to it, I find more hidden gems, lyrics about space and the cosmos, devotion to higher consciousness,  life, love, embracing being yourself, and spirituality. Every time I listen to it I am left with questions I can take into my own practice and sacred space. I am looking forward to bringing it more into my writing, and spiritual path. Some of my favorites are Human, Spaceman, The World We Live In and Joy Ride.

I am excited to have released my introduction into my Dreamers Den page on the blog. Here you I answer some common questions about dream interpretation, tools you can use and will find my tips to interpreting dreams, ways to integrate it into your practice, and a taste for my upcoming series; Dream Den Healing.

I am currently working on a project that explores Shadow Work at the root of what it is, and what it can do for us as evolving beings. I was sent a link, timely in fact as I was starting to work on the work myself, to this video where Teal Swan shares her thoughts about what Shadow work is. I love gaining perspective into the similarities and differences in what Shadow work at its root is, and what it can be used for. I think this is a great place to begin your work if you are curious. Keeping an open mind that Teal is only sharing her perspective and that there are many fantastic resources out there to continue your search inwards.
Love and Blessings - Blair

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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