January Chapter One - Week One - Celtic Myth and Magic Study

January : Chapter One – Celtic Traditions and creating a Celtic setting

Welcome to a new year, and a new study. I am always both excited and overwhelmed when I find a book that holds the magic and potential to create nourishment, evolution and community. When I first picked up Celtic Myth and Magick I knew it would be one of those books.

In January we kick start our reading with the Chapter One – Celtic Traditions and creating a Celtic setting. I've broken the weeks down in January so that we will be reading four sub-chapters a week starting this week with the introduction.

I have a separate post for the introduction chapter you can read here to get you started with some reflection questions and exercises: Introduction Chapter

Below I have listed the breakdown for the sub-chapters for week one.

Week One:

  • Introduction
  • Sorting out the Celtic Traditions
  • The Sacred Three Times Three
  • Ritual Tools and Elemental Attributes

This week I also wanted to share some tips and things you should know if you are going to be following along with me as I read Celtic Myth and Magick.

Tips & Things to Know...

Create & be responsible for your own schedule

I will be sharing mine as inspiration and you can certainly follow along with it. I encourage you to take the time to create your own that fits in with your life at this time, and do not be afraid to change, or adapt it to suit your shifting focus and path.

Part of self motivated study is becoming responsible for creating the map you want to use. Move with the changes and ebb and flow of life. Know that there will be times when you need to shift and alter your study to work with your current life situation. Being rigid will cause unwarranted stress and cease the connection you are making with your reading and practice.

Study Tools & Resources

Use whatever study tools I provide as a reference point to provoke, inspire and engage you in deepening your experience with the text. I own no copyright to the material, however all additional challenges, prompts, and topic links and resources are either created by me or will be linked appropriately. I will always add additional links if I feel they are applicable and you will be able to find a master list on my Celtic Myth and Magic Study 2016 master page [Click on the home tab]

Edain McCoy makes mention about exploring many alternative references to make up a collective personal opinion about any myth. By creating your own study tools [bookmarks, files, folders, notebooks] and sourcing out other materials [wikipedia, resource books, university and library systems] you will go beyond what Edain and I can offer you and it is a great practice to have in place.

As this book/study group was created to promote self study, don't be afraid to read the book out of order. I know I will be reading parts of the reference material in the back, and jumping around if I feel guided. I will be providing avenues for those who do want to jump ahead.

My aim for the creating a community

My aim is to help you with your journey through Celtic Myth and Magick as a Blogger and facilitator of tools. I want to create a community and by doing so this group will be based around spiritual and buddy support through networking. I am not an expert in the field of Celtic Myth and Magick [just a passionate student of the pantheon] however I will offer one on one mentor guidance through the year for those who need support or someone to talk to.

Even if you aren't reading the book – my reflection questions, Celtic Tarot prompts and art ideas may inspire you in your Celtic study path. Give them a go, and share your feedback with me on Instagram – Facebook and Youtube or send me an email. I would love to hear your ideas, and feel free to send me any links and resources that you find that could help another fellow group member.

You can contact me at : Authenticangelbliss@gmail.com if you are interested in finding a buddy or having a mentor. Please address the message with CELTIC STUDY MENTOR.

To follow my Co-Host you can find here on Instagram and Youtube : @Someones.princess88

Look out for Monday's Post : Reflection questions and Exercises 

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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