Celtic Myth and Magick Book/Study Group 2016

Celtic Myth and Magick Book Club 2016

This is a year long Book club that focuses on the first twelve chapters of Edain McCoy's book Celtic Myth and Magick. From January to December we will read one chapter each month and provide an open community for people reading the book to come together to ask questions, engage in study, share knowledge and start discussions on both the book itself and the inspiration that comes from it's pages.

I started this group as a way to reach out and connect with people who are drawn to the Celtic Pantheon. I started my journey early on life with a love of tales and the land. Last year I was drawn back to the craft and practice of being a witch, and from there my love of myth and magic has grown and led me towards the path of Celtic energy. I wanted to share my journey through a hashtag I created for 2016.

As I was about to explore the introduction of this book, I was guided by the Goddess on my journey into a fuller life and inspired to begin sharing it through my love of books as the two pathways merged this Book Club was conceived.  

Reading & studying plans & resources for those reading along

Along the planning process of mapping out how I wanted to dedicate my focus to this study, I decided to open keep it informal for those wanting to do their own thing, and just read-along and share their journey and provide a plan for those who would like something a little more structured. The plan is my own, and I will be following my own scheduled. If you would like to adapt my schedule to suit your needs you are more than welcome to.

Throughout the year you can look out for Four different posts that are provided to help and inspire you. 

In an attempt to not overcomplicate studying and really immerse myself into this book most posts will be informative with a few examples thrown into the mix. Those will be:

Weekly reading plans

On Thursdays I will give you an outlay of the sub- chapters to read this week.
This may include additional links, videos and resources if I am guided to share.
I will also share a snippet of how my week is going and anything that really stood out to me.

Reflection and study Questions

Every Monday I will be posting a list of questions inspired by the text. Sometimes these may be journaling questions to reflect and meditate on, other times they may be more about the topics themselves and what you can do to explore them deeper.

Celtic Tarot Deck Prompts and Challenges

If you own a Celtic orientated or inspired deck I will be sharing different ways that you can use your deck in relation to the topics that are covered each month. In addition to those who don't have a Celtic theme deck these prompts can still be used with other decks.

I also thought it would be fun to add an art element into this for those who would like take it one step further. This may involve art journaling, crafting or cooking and you are welcome to share your ideas with me if you would like to suggest something or want to share it.

Discussion Videos Every Month

You can find my more in depth opinions, and experience with the book by watching my Discussion Videos once a month. I plan on having them out in the last week of the month. In these videos I will talk about the chapter as a whole, my challenges and inspired moments and provide a wrap up of what was covered. This will also give you a chance as a reader to become part of a discussion and community and I encourage you to document your own journey either through blogging, instagram of Youtube.

Chapter Breakdown and Dates to Remember

To make it easier for all those reading along. I have included a monthly breakdown of the chapters we will be reading. [Sub-chapters will be broken down to read weekly for those following my plan] I will update these regularly as information is needed.

Breakdown of the Chapters

January : Introduction & Celtic Traditions and Creating a Celtic Setting
February: Attuning to the Celtic Pantheon
March: Rituals of Evocation
April: Ritual of Invocation
May: The Celtic Pantheon and the Esbats
June: The Celtic Pantheon and The Wheel of the Year
July: The Celtic Pantheon in Pagan Life Cycle Events
August: Pathworking : Journey of Power
September: Beginning and Ending a Path-working
October: Pathworking 1: Cuchulain The Warrior
November: Pathworking 2: Queen Maeve The Warrior
December: Pathworking 3: The Lesson From Merlin

Starting date : Friday January 1st

Ending Date: December 31st

A Facebook Group and Forum will be forthcoming during January depending on how much interest I receive in creating one.

YOU CAN FIND MY CO-HOST Christine : Someones.Princess88 on Youtube and Instagram


Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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