Introduction Chapter - Celtic Myth and Magick Study 2016

Introduction Chapter – Celtic Myth and Magick

Hello lovelies and welcome to 2016 [or soon to be by the time I post this] I am thrilled that you will be joining me on my journey through reading and delving deep into Edain McCoy's book – Celtic Myth and Magick. This will be my first time reading the book, and my intuition tells me it won't be the last. After my first read through of the introduction alone I knew that I was in for a nourishing, expanding and exciting discovery in a pantheon that has become one that I am deeply passionate about exploring and learning in.

A few days ago I made a post about my plans and the breakdown of the chapters for each month. From here on out after this post I will breaking down the chapters to read each week [for those who will be following along] and I will provide you with reflection questions, exercises, challenges and discussions to provoke, challenge and inspire you through your own reading and Celtic Study.

I'll also be talking about my experiences, responses to the questions I pose and creating spreads that bring an immediate pull into the reading experience. [the first will be up this week : The Illuminated Spread]

Today I wanted to share with you six questions that you can use to study with and connect when reading through the introduction of Celtic Myth and Magick. Then I have two exercises that you can do to take it one step further and build upon the ideas shared in the book. Use these as jumping points to making the connection between the text and your individual practice.

Reflection/Study Questions

  • What is your point of view about Myths? Do they need to be fact or fiction or can they be both ? (This question is in response to Edain's story about her fellow classmate]

  • Do you believe in Deity – Why or why not?

  • What is your current connection with God and Goddess? What does it look like/feel like in your inner and outer world?

  • Do you have a favourite Celtic Myth – if so what is your favourite? If not write down why you don't have a favourite and make a plan to find one that you do like while reading this book.

  • Have you used myth in personal or spiritual practice and development in the past? How did you use them and what was your experience/ response?

  • Do you have any pre-conceived ideas about the Celts?


Illuminated Letter

Research Illuminated Letters and create your own monogram. If you have a God or Goddess you worship, consider creating it with the first letter of their name, or creating a series of letters to make up their name. These can be used for offerings at the alter, to add to your B.O.S or as dedication to your deity of time and commitment to expanding your skills.

Journal about your past pathworking and meditation experiences

Journal about your past experiences with Pathworking and Meditation in the Underworld, Otherworld, Spirit world, Astral world or Earthly world. If you have never meditated or pathworked before, Journal about where you would like to journey and what you imagine seeing in these places.


Lastly I have a question that I will pose after every chapter at the end of the month.

What did you feel was the overall tone, message, theme or energy behind the myth and magick chapter?

Happy reading & sharing – Drew

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Feel free to make a blog or video response post about this chapter.

Blair Mirth

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  1. I am coming in late! Thanks to Kelly-Ann Maddox for recommending your Youtube channel. This study course is so in depth and intense that I am honestly a bit intimidated. But I keep getting pulled in. I have never studied mythology, I have an interest in it and have read some books but it is full of symbolism that, for the most part, I don't understand. I have a Norse/Celtic heritage along with an interest in the subject. I don't have the book but will order it today. Your syllabus is amazing!