Weekly Guided Insight February 16th- 22nd 2015 - Reading & Resources

Hello Lovelies - Watch here for your Intuitive Guided Reading for February 16th- 22nd 2015

Every week I will be sharing three resources that inspired me.

I feel so blessed to be sharing these resources with you. They have changed my life. Bring tears to my eyes, and fill me up with the happy juice of life, connectivity and passion.

The first two are resources I found by accident. Or as I like to put it ‘accidentally on purpose’ (there you go ma it is a term) they were what I needed at the time, and divine blessings. Both have inspired and motivated me to focus on my relationship daily with my Money and my Business, and how to integrate them into a beautiful daily practice of self acceptance and love.

This beautiful woman, bless her and her humble and sacred energy created this series of videos to showcase her Art of Money School year long program. (Something I am doing next year for sure) In each video she journeys through Seattle to Santa Cruz in her RV with her wonderful support network to interview people on their experiences with the program, and the impact on their lives Bari herself has had while reflecting on what happened when they changed their approach, perspective and daily practice around money love.

I have been following Marie Forleo’s for a few weeks, when I came across an email newsletter by Raine over at Lime Tree, she linked her readers to Maria’s Free B-School pre-introduction videos. Ready and armed with the PDFs Marie provides for the first two videos, I went through them, writing down notes, laughing, crying happy tears as I connected the dots in my head. Everything I had learned previously had led me to this video, and simplified it all in an hour. I knew I had to share this resource with you lovely readers.

My beautiful friend Winona over at https://azurebreeze.wordpress.com recommended this book to me. I purchased it, and started it last night. Already I have created a juicy vision board to begin my journey and inspire me along the way. This incorporates left and right Brain thinking, and creating, and focuses on Right Brain creating, and planning in terms of your own business. Perfect for all you lovely entrepreneurs out there who are creative and need a more visual approach. This one was also perfect for this week’s reading. Ah loving the synchronicity.

Enjoy these resources & if you would like to recommend any resources to share email me at:

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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