February Monthly Guided Reading 2015

Hello Lovelies I am here to bring you your guided insight into the month of February 2015

What you are feeling this month will pass in your own time. Giving yourself the permission to live in the uncomfortable chaos feelings, yet not get attached to their frequency is important. This is a time of detaching yourself, going into body awareness and getting closure of the areas of your physical life that have been unattended. See this as a garden with overgrown roots, and dead grass, pull out the weeds and nature what you can during this time. By doing so you will feel the release of sexual, spiritual and creative energy forming a ball of baggage and heaviness and dispersing to the guides who can take over from here.

You can trust that from discord growth is assured. Pay attention to any signs that are right in front of you physically and mentally. By tapping into your own inner ‘yes’ or ‘no’ centre you will be able to determine what is synchronism

Be aware of people who impact your personal growth. At first it may appear that the heavy weight of their decisions and conduct is saturating your thinking. By making time to discuss and disperse that energy together [through meditation or guided conversation] you will be able to discern what patterns need to be changed, improved and removed individually and collectively.

Your life is your responsibility; in this way you are the ruler of your own empire that is life. You are the one who can make conscious choices and you do so every second of the day. Think of it as being in the driver seat of your own Mother ship, you can see all the controls that map your emotions, play with the switches, work on the ones that work, alongside the ones that need a little love, above all you are the one with your hand on the go button.

No one can hold you back, we all change pathways and it is the natural order of the organic collective shift. Be a better version of yourself, and let the emotional charge of completion or “better thinking” be left in the old paradigm. Let it stir up what needs to, to rattle the seeds, and make fertile earth for new beginnings.
Pay attention to anyone who comes into your vortex this month. From a person who walks past you in the street with a slogan t-shirt, to a group of friends or new acquaintances – tune into the important changes these people are helping you to uncover and make. By noticing your emotional vibration around these people you will be clearer about the people that either help you or do not.

When it comes to your thinking this month we have an easy few weeks of harmony after intense discord. By making single choices each moment, and delegating energy to each particular area through conversation and release the cause and effects on your own thinking patterns will shift and offer you a refreshing break from obsessive indulgences – [Should, would, could]

 Planning an adventure this month is going to test your boundaries and challenge your self importance and worth. On one hand you want to be spontaneous and explore, on the other the worry weight of your current reality whether it be a situation you have created or one you have let yourself get hijacked by will put a strong hold on you, grappling for a logical decision. This month is about facing your challenges in a lateral way.

You have the skills and the drive to face new opportunities in a way that you never have before. The power is subtle and will radiate from you; confidence is assured when you take action steps to rise to your own success. Trusting in the new phases of your life will allow you not only breathing room, but set up a path for ways that you can take the adventure offers to you in the form of a new job, friendship or a style of life.

Don’t be afraid to reassess your life, and go with what brings you joy, the joy from your inner child who is merging with you to make the distinct connection. Think of this as a foetus to an umbilical cord, you have been feeding your inner child titbits and now it is ready to give itself the birth it needs and has been incubating for quite some time now. Take of the mask of the ‘adult’ that you are, and remember we are all cells and water, and love and stars from the universe to the being we have been created to be. This does not leave when we are older, it is suppressed. See the value in the treasure of child love, and experience life through the eyes of your joy. 

Happiness in positive results, as you break the illusion of time and lack. Possessions start to lose their energetic imprint as you let go of them, and adapt to a cleaner, simple method that works for you individually.

The reality of success is assured as a breakthrough or completion brings together an event where companions of your choice rise to become more open and make a pact to live by the divine self soul destination. Harmony, gratitude, heart shaping, and happiness on a humble level will be the result of making the commitment to this experience.

Being built up from rock bottom- Layered goals- Fine tuning and completing projects – The breaking of ‘space’ and ‘time’ mentally and physically – social clarity and transparency – Smaller meanings bringing vast and large spectrum changes.

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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