Weekly Guided Insight - January 19th - 25th

I was prompted to do something a little different for your weekly guided reading today, instead of the weekly spread I wanted to explore the power of staying still vs stagnation – which is a prominent theme this week collectively.

The Cards this week: Movement, Making a Choice & Storm Feilds

Kicking of the week we may feel the weight of stagnation bleeding over from the last. You are called to OBSERVE and be still, the discomfort that will last momentarily is guiding you to take the essential time to survey your surroundings, and see what you can clear to make movement prominent within the coming week. By the end of Tuesday you will be able to take a step forward.

To do this though I am being guided to share five steps you can take to remain observant, and be moving towards your destination as the universe intends you too.

Take Your Power Back – You are the only one who has power over your life in its entirety. Choose one action step that only you can make. It might be as simple as making yourself a cup of tea and relaxing with a good book.

Ask yourself who/ or what is taking it? In truth it is down to you to decide who you give your energy too. This week there will be a lot of miscommunication and dysfunctions that are going to either raise blood pressure or test your resilience. You have the power to exercise two words, YES & NO, don’t be afraid to answer when you are ready.

Delegate – While taking control of your life means being independent, this is a time when saying yes to help, will mean you get the movement you need. If you have five things to do, and can realistically only do three, look at what else you can delegate so that you can get them done, and have the energy you need to shift, and retain momentum.

Sit tight – Fight or flight responses are at an all time high. The Angels and guides want you to sit tight on any bookings you may have made or be making both physically and mentally. High energy revolving around anticipation and uncertainty can make any decision easier when looking at the first and quicker option; instant gratification will only give you a dull dash of excitement. To really let go of the fight or flight this week, make a simple choice to think on anything and research all options. Spend time even making a pro or con list will help sate the impulsive need to run, or give in to easy.

Reality Vs Fantasy – Five minutes out of your life to ask yourself the question is: AmI living in reality of fantasy is important. Yet it is hard to know the difference when we are not conscious or living in autopilot mode, maybe we might be juggling with too much reality and need a holiday from responsibility. You are being asked to trust in your own judgment of living by your own means. If a trip to Bali on the weekend is on your mind, but you have to take your kids to soccer, find the happy medium and work on the dream, the planning, rather than focusing on what you cannot have of either option. That way you regain a healthy balance, are feeding your fantasy and dreams and are still living in the now.

Adventures It is not often in this ‘busy’ world that we take time for ourselves to enjoy the adventure that is life. To keep the storm clouds at bay focus on taking small adventures into diversity. Shake it up. Plan a picnic by the beach; take a walk in the park rather than catching the train to work. Pay attention to the adventures calling you on notice boards, in magazines, word of mouth and hand outs. Is there a place you have wanted to go to? Explore? Climb a hill, or roll down one. You are never too old or to young, or too anything. The time is now. Make an adventure for yourself.


Backup plans – Watch for Red Flags – Let go of possessions – Focus on Dreams – Take the opportunity to observe – Find the middle ground rather than middle Limbo – Be Adventurous.

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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