Shifting your Story Spread

We each have stories that we tell ourselves, that we carry in our hearts and memories.  Some of these stories sustain us and allow us to thrive, while others are defeating, destructive and only serve to drain us of our power and potential. This spread removes the veil behind the stasis, resistance and what particular story you are telling yourself.

 There is an amazing parallel between with the fictional stories that affect our lives through books, movies and art and the stories that we are told through family, friends, work and society at large.

I created this spread to be used for both personal story introspection or to better understand the resistance to a fictional story you may be working on. You can adapt this spread to suit both pathways. Have a play around with the questions.

You may find that you have an internal character/ persona inside you that is telling you their story that no longer resonates with you or that your character has something to offer you about the stories that are underneath the surface of your own personal belief, practice and life.

Each card will come with Journaling questions you might like to use to expand on each question and deepen your understanding and power around the story that needs shifting the most in your life at the moment. I have highlighted these. 

1.What is the most prominent story playing out in my life right now?

This addresses the focal story that is playing out in your unconsciousness and manifesting into world.

What have you been re-telling yourself that you no longer believe?

What are you telling yourself that you do believe – Why do you believe that?


2. Why am I resistant to this story?

Bringing awareness to the resistance –uncover what may be stopping it from being addressed.

What feels heavy when you tell this story to yourself or others?

Where did the conditioning come from? Can you pin point it.


3. What Paralyses me to the point of procrastination or status?

Where did the story originate. You work to find the root of paralysis.

What is holding you back from understanding or addressing your story?

Where does this come from? Can you find it in your body?


4. What Shadow surrounds this story right now?

Positive or Negative what lurks beneath the roots of the story you are telling yourself.

Is it a story you have been told, been sold, or one you adapted to help you survive?

Where is this story allowing you to stay in the dark?


5.What message awaits me beneath the layers of this story?

With the root, it’s time to expose the branches.

 What purpose has this story held for you?

Why are you attached to this story?

What does this story want to show you?


6.What will lift the veil?

What will help you to de-condition or release this story from your consciousness?

What steps can I take to burn and release this story?

What skills or techniques can I employ to cut my connection to the story?

Do I need to connect with anyone and discuss how to shift this story?

Thank you for being willing to take the time for inner reflection.

Join me in my next post where I explore this spread, and share my reflections <3

I would love to hear your experience using the spread.
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Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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