Beginning my Journey of Astral Projection

I am not a scientist; I am an artist, a pagan practising witch who wishes to explore the diversity that the universe has to offer by connecting with my conscious and unconscious mind. My beliefs and experiences are that, MINE and I share them with others for the purposes of community, inspiration, curiosity and learning.  Go out there and seek your own journeys.

I have not experienced an OBE or shifting of my body since I was in my early and late teens, and each time I did it has been without the understanding of what was happening, the belief’s I hold now and the support from community, resource material and societal fear feeding each time was a traumatic event. 

I am blessed to be living in a world where information is freely offered, shared, and can be obtained for my own personal use and practice and to share my experiences with others. When it comes to Dreams and the Astral world it has always been a fascination of mine since I could write and draw. I remember keeping an art journal with pasted pictures and stories about U.F.O’s and dream interpretations from magazines and books. I knew from an early age what caught my attention and what I wanted to work with and would spend hours awake at night decoding my dreams with one of my grandmothers dream dictionaries.

Now at 25 a new adventure is calling me. It has been in my conscious mind for the past few years to dedicate a practice to exploring the astral landscape and what I may find within it. The intent was strong, yet my flame was weak. I was trapped in a cycle of fear and not ready to attempt to walk the lines to the edge.  I am now ready to take the steps, to read and experiment and I dare to explore the possibilities that exist in this physical body and outside of it.
Recently I picked up Astral Projection for Psychicempowerment. I knew I would want to reflect on my first thoughts so I decided to jump right in and begin, as one of the manta’s I live by has always been...


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I realised while reading through the first few pages of the book that I had been writing scenes in my journals, meditations and most inexplicably in my story [the novel] that reflected the inner journey that was begging to be undertaken. I started highlighting passages, thinking about where I had come in my life and the parallels between where my Main character in the story I am working on has an ethereal body that reaches out to other people and shifts sway from her revealing another side of her. Just the same as I do, an Astral double, a part of me in a different form.

In the world I am creating what I have uncovered is that some people see this as a weapon and others see it as a gift. I realised from my recent experiences, and those of early adulthood that I have experienced shifting and that I  have  been ‘Dream Travelling' for a long time.

This gift is innate  to my character too. It it is innate to me and to all humans. It was when I heard these words and felt them sink into my being that it hit me...this dual life that I was living through dreams and story independently and alongside my character was closer than I imagined.

In my chapters I can see her experience of time shifts, premonitions, alternative realities and doors opening up and I am listening. She has been telling me, showing me all along that this was how she evolved and see’s the world.  

With this awareness, an awakening occurred and I received a strong intuitive message that alerted that all the dream work I am doing now, and research I am learning about has been establishing a deeper connection with my higher guide. This was the seed I needed, the one I had been working towards. It was the awakening of new questions and vivid curiosities that has kept me awake and aided me in the decision to take the story deeper, both creatively and personally. To begin my intentional journey with Astral projection.

It’s nearing dawn and I am awake. The correlations to my fears around travelling and leaving my physical body are now raised in my consciousness and once there, like most shadows that slowly become illuminated through time and constant self reflection my awareness will not allow it to dissipate.

 Once you know you can question something, you can’t forget it.

All of it has led up to this point we’re time and time again I mention travel, ships, walls and lapses and find her [Vesper] in my Journal telling me about her life, her world, her body. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would find me. I know now that both our stories are integral and needed in my practice and her connection with me. Now I am alert...

It makes me wonder what I would find if I went looking, searching and exploring.

How do I know that she is not visiting me, sitting behind her own computer or whatever form holds communication for her, scribing my life story as we assist each other?
The truth is I don’t, but I can journey to find answers to just one of the hundreds of questions buzzing around in my head that have come through my unconscious mind into story or non-fiction form, and things I would like to experience.

I think the main branching questions that my unconscious is asking and bringing to the surface right now are WHAT IF & WHY NOT?

What if I can’t do this
What if I can’t face this?What if I can’t relax enough? WHAT IF I CANWHAT IF I AMWHAT IF I WILL

I mean think about it Netflix or journeying the Astral world?
 A few episode marathons or a chance to practice, play, create and connect with the unknown?

One of the things that scares me admittedly is knowing that my whole perception of life after death will be cracked open. I think I cling to the old paradigm as a safety net. I have since I was a teenager living in a family where death was neglected as am open conversation. So when I lay there at night having flashback memories, OBE and sleep paralysis what the fuck was I meant to think. I would tell my family about them and they would recoil. 

 It is one of the reasons I walk the path with a DEATH GODDESS and experience loss continuously consciously. It it is a path I need to understand. One where I need to remind myself takes time.

 It takes to build a practice, to step into a physical shift on this plane. I need to give myself the same willingness to experiment, to fail and succeed and to know that whatever the outcome of my experiences and experiments I can know within myself that I stepped up to address my fears and made the adjustments to my mind and belief set to not run and hide.

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I am beginning to work to change my language around what I can and can’t do and I have my dream world and dedicated work within it and outside of it to thank for it. It has taught me about the incredible power of the subconscious and my intuition and creative potential to implant, to program and to explore different ideas and dynamics inside a container built by me and expanded on by the unconscious. 

It is a symbiosis

My focus has mostly been on coming to the belief that as a writer of any form I am a channel. Now I am re-framing it to look beyond that to what awaits me beyond the physical and being an explorer of the ASTRAL LANDSCAPES. This time I'm consciously looking at what that would look like as a witch and a writer. It has already opened up a whole world of thinking and reflecting for me and tugged the story rug from underneath me. Now I just need to climb on board and ride it !!

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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