April Guided Tarot Reading + Resources

Hello Lovelies.

 I am here to give you guided insight through the power of the Tarot into what energies you can work with in April to inspire & motivate you towards self love and empowerment. 


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Along side the reading check out the resources I have shared with you below.

Divine Purpose

Finding out what your path means to you is important, as it gives us focus, motivation and a place to begin with everyday, for some people though it may give them strain, fear, and deep resistance. Both are part of the process, and the journey. 

April is about exploring where you are on the spectrum and turning it on its head. We are all here for a Purpose, even if that Purpose at its base root is to experience the Human/Spiritual journey, and that alone is a great place to come back home to when we are confused, overwhelmed or underwhelmed. We have all been given the chance to experience life and to go through it learning on our way. That is one of the beautiful things about our birthright.

Look at all the options available to you right now, from how you decide to approach your day in a purposeful way, to taking steps in living the way that is alignment with your values, beliefs and passions, and if you don’t know what they are this is a great starting point.

Think About It

There is a fantastic transition during the month of April that that encourages contemplating and release. With the Full Moon occurring in the first week of the month, it is a perfect time to really hone in on how we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us. Considering where you want to take yourself in a new direction can be overwhelming, however the energy surrounding April is in full swing harvest/ re-growth which denotes an emphasis on recharging, going introverted [whatever side of the world you are on] and digging deeper into your psyche to make powerful changes that you have been working on building, breaking down, and shifting since 2007. 

There is a sense of something coming, and while there is great contemplation and conversation in every area of Spiritual and Personal development at the core heart of whatever energy is coming, it is important to understand what energy is already here. We have already stepped into the Aries energy, which is about action, movement, fast and empowering decisions being made. During this time it is wise to consider your options, however most of us have already been clued into what needs to change and are already starting to put those plans into action. 

 If you need a starting point to worth from while you take this time to reflect and re-construct; ask yourself; what do I believe or not believe, and how can I improve, remove or change the areas in my life that need my complete attention. If you unsure of what they are, they will be those niggling ones that have not gone away, cycles that have come full circle again, or parts of yourself that through means of divination, dreaming or intuition are being reflected to you by others.

You are Loved

In times of loss, there comes grief and from that the natural cycle of all the emotions that arise from it, that can attach themselves to you, and create a field for more of the same situations to come in. Everyone is going through a turbulent and chaotic time, a time of much needed compassion, understanding, and authenticity and unearthing. There are a lot of shake ups, and transitions where the status qua is being rattled in a way that has not been felt in many years. 

There is a calling to reach out during April to connect with your loved ones, passed or living, your guides and mentors, spiritual coaches, and friends. Not only is the universe asking that you reach out to others, it is asking you to love yourself enough to reconnect with the parts of you that have become fragmented, maybe due to what is going on in the world as a whole, the shifts in collective consciousness or on an individual and personal level, in areas that you may have not even opened yourself up to exploring yet. 

Take a leap, Sacred Soul. Take a leap and allow yourself to be open, receptive, connected, and compassionate. Root yourself in the knowledge that even as we dance with our shadows and allow them to come into the light, we are blessed, and cherished. We are all worthy and phenomenal beings full of richness and complexities. Love each and every cell of your body, mind and spirit, and fill your cup up this month. Don’t be afraid to call on those you trust and work with yourself on learning to trust others for their human experiences as well.


I found out about Ashes and Wine reading through one of the interviews over at The Four Queens and then went on to find this lovely man on youtube. He has such heart, and is passionate about what he does.  His videos are informative and connect you to a sense of being able to truly dive into the world of Tarot and life, and how to use the Tarot to inform and inspire. I look forward to watching more from him on Youtube, and getting a reading for myself in the future. I love to support other Tarot readers and get different perspectives.

I have started a Fundraising project for the blog recently on GO FUND ME. I am asking for supporters who would love to reach out and donate. Your money will go towards funding the cost of rooms, gaining materials for workshops so that I may reach a wider audience and assist people on a larger spectrum, and for filming materials:  Video camera, Tripod, Software. I am hoping to raise $300, and to go out into the world making documentaries, interviewing heart centered people on their path, and bring back community, and love, teachings and offerings in a way that connects and speaks to your Authentic Soul.

If you feel guided to I would love it if you would consider donating directly: art supplies, books and resources that cover the topics I delve into on the blog, and any equipment or software. By giving you will not only be giving to the Authentic Angel Bliss Philosophy of Authentic living and being, you will be reaching out, connecting and giving to your fellow soul seekers on their spiritual path too.

This documentary was incredibly fascinating in terms of what dreaming is, perspective on us dreaming while we are awake, how important nightmares actually are to our evolution and the generational connection...It is always great to start the morning with a documentary and really delve into life...
Dreaming interpretation to me is a life long journey that I want to understand deeper, and support others in using it to gain access to express their Authentic Bliss through waking and dreaming life and the unity of our Light and Shadow work. xx



Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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