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When The Bards Lament shared this spread on her page I knew I had to give it a go.  I had been contemplating the idea around beginning a Fan-Fiction ( something I haven’t written in quite a while) and I decided this would be a great way to uncover what could play out if I put these two characters and fictional worlds together.

For this spread I have used the Wild Wood Tarot to uncover the underlining larger dialogue that will be playing out throughout the story. This is the  Fan-Fiction piece I am planning on working on that features a series cross-over of TEEN WOLF and SUPERNATURAL.  I love of these shows for their mythology and their storytelling.

Disclaimed: I do now own any of the fictional T.V characters. All rights reserved to the creators. This spread was explored for a work fiction around a story that I do not intend to be publishing.

(Wild Wood Tarot Deck )

CARD ONE: The sun surface conversation -What are they talking about & What are the apparent motivations? – ECXTASY AND RESPECT

In the forest Stiles is going to meet Dia [Based on the Irish Forest Goddess Flidias] She will be dancing in a candle lit circle, conjuring up the energy of the earth, using her magick in a way that her older Brothers [Sam and Dean] have no idea that she is capable of using, in fact they don’t even know what she does in secret. Around her neck are animal skulls and teeth and Stiles notices that some of them look are werewolves teeth, outraged and intrigued he steps into the clearing. In a matter of minutes he is feelings the full force of her sexual energy, her creativity as it rises from the earth and ripples through him. He has never felt anything like it. He wants to leave, but...

He is pulled into confronting her and starting a conversation about why she has Wolf Teeth around her neck?

What she is doing in the middle of the forest?

Who she is?

Where did she come from?

Challenging her own path Dia is confronted with Stiles who is a protector of his own sacred Brotherhood of Wolves. While not a Wolf himself, he supports his Brothers Derek, Scott and Isaac as an initiated Druid and protector of the forest. He is aware that the Winchester family has long been hunting their kind and has been able to ward them off for centuries until Dia breaks through the threshold. Together they explore the idea of respect, family and what it means to protect the ones we love while listening to our intuition and following the threads and pull of human love.

A lot of their conversations will revolve around what creates family.

What does family mean to them?

How does that change over time given the shifts in perception and their paths as protectors of animals and nature [the laws of nature, magick, energy, death, cycles]

What does it mean to protect yourself and live your own life?

Stiles grows to have a deep respect for Dia because he understands what it means to become a part of something bigger than yourself and to still want to honour the parts of you outside of it.

CARD TWO: The moon-what is going on beneath the surface (conveyed in tone, pauses, and body language)? PROTECTION

Since Scott is a fresh newborn Wolf, Stiles and Derek need to protect him. Dia want’s to protect her Brothers too. Coming together brings new understanding, passion, vitality and cause to their connection. When Dia’s Brothers reject her cause and Stiles Brothers don’t trust the Hunters it is up to the two of them to find a way to keep their families safe and united. Together they will explore ETHICS – BOUNDARIES & BELIEFS and what it means to be compassionate.

CARD THREE: The Star-what element can be added to this conversation to make it sparkle? – THE WHEEL

The Sun and Moon [Male and Female unite] alone they are powerful, together they can create a new way of life, evolution and law. Everyone has to change at some point in their existence and while they wear their fate around their necks the deeper conversation is around ‘choosing your own destiny, your own path’. It is about asking questions, talking about their life and unravelling a connection that is mental, spiritual and sexual.  The spark comes when together their power combined can create a better future for all involved.

It helped me to figure out the underlining conversations that were going to be important throughout the overall story. I’ve never really paid much consideration to the effects of dialogue because I feel like it comes more naturally to me, and yet this spread really gives a great indication of how I can make dialogue more powerful and have a deeper focus running throughout the story.

*Thank you Larissa [The Bards Lament] *

Blair Mirth

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