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Dream Den Healing is a 36 week journey into the Dreamscape, the Subconscious using the Dream healing card deck by Dr. Fiona Zucker and Jonny Zucker.

Each week I will interpret the card using my own method of Dream interpretation shared here How I Interpret Dreams 

I will give you insight into popular Archetypal symbols and themes in dreaming, and how to harness their messages and glean their depth. I aim to inspire, motivate and teach you ways to integrate each card into your waking life whether the symbols are apparent in your dreams or you wish to work to inject them into your dreaming for self empowerment and spiritual expansion.

DISCLAIMER: Note that these are my interpretations and methods for calling upon the cards that are created by Dr Fiona Zucker and Jonny Zucker and are used in correspondence to my own practice and business. I use them for support to glean personal messages from my own dreams or to assist my clients.

Take the essence of what I have to offer and use it in your own practice to investigate and enliven your approach to your beliefs, values, and your own opinions of dreaming and how it plays a part in your spiritual path.


Looking at the card what are the first five thoughts that come to mind.( I can look at the light and the shadow side of this too)

Leadership – Native- Totem – Kindred- Warrior – Lone Wolf

Fierce – Loyal- Fighter- Pack animal – Dangerous


Bring in the Dream Story

I saw a Wolf with a fellow classmate when I was running away, and hiding from a murderer on the loose. 

It can be as simple or as detailed as I want. 

The Wolf was a typical Gray Wolf, while my classmate wore a helmet, held a staff and wore a robe wrapped around his shoulders.

Remembering the more details I can bring to focus, the deeper I can explore the meaning and the message behind it.


This is where I would hone in and start asking questions [also looking at the symbols that stand out]

Do I know who or what I was actually running from? No it is just a sensation of fear and I cannot breathe. I know in my mind it is a murderer.

Did my classmate and the Wolf mean to harm or help me? Help me. He reached out and allowed me to step away from my hiding place unharmed and protected.

Is the Wolf loyal to him or does it have its own agenda? The Wolf is loyal at his side always. He is calm and has an old soul feel to it. I sense that I am safe with it.

Where am I running away too? I am running around a childhood neighbor’s house and hiding in their open garage.

What color was the robe that my classmate was wearing? He was wearing a Red robe.


Tying my current life situation with my dream interpretation

In my current life at school I am coming up to a deadline. I am intimidated by the pressure of getting all my assignments on time and pleasing my teachers. I am passionate about the course, and have been seeking assistance from my Classmate Jay. I admire Jay for his dedication to his study and his knowledge of the area in which we are focusing on, an area I feel I could use more assistance with. I am also afraid that if I fail I may disappoint Jay who has become an ally in learning.

From here I can start connecting the dream to my waking life. 

Jay is somewhat of a leader or a mentor to me which is why he reached out when I was in the fearful situation that I was in. He has an ally in the Wolf whom I see as an animal full of wisdom, courage, and a kindred spirit on the journey of life. 

Since undertaking study in an area I am passionate about that will in turn affect the way I can move through the world. The fear of running from something that scares me, and the old self that will die when I transform is apparent in the murderer who to me is only a sensation not a reality.

 Being in my childhood neighbor’s garage could go two ways; either I associate it with a negative experience or a positive one. If I dig deep into my past I know that to me it always was dark, but open to the sunlight and lead into their house. I was safe there, vulnerable, but safe.  To me this shows that while I am hiding in fear, and am vunanerable I know that I am still within the confines of safety and in relation to school, this would come back to the time frame in which my assessments are due and the resources I have in Jay to get it in on time.

Lastly the Red of his coat really stood out to me, and when I look into the correspondences with the color Red I see that it symbolizes: hard work, leadership, passion, temperament.  It is also related to the BASE or ROOT CHAKRA which is the center of “ I am or I have.” If I combined the definition of red with Jay’s robe I can see that even his robe has meaning and is certainly a reflection of how I view Jay’s personality, and could also denote the personality traits I wish to embody now that I have noticed them in another. 

A great way to turn the reflection around is to understand as in like we may often find ourselves mirrored in others. What we see in Jay we also see in ourselves, or can if we look at ourselves from a different perspective. I can be hard working. I am passionate and I can take the skills I have learned from Jay and become a leader in my own right.

The message of the dream at its basic is a form of validation or confirmation. If I can focus, remain dedicated and ask for help, rather than stress or run away from the feelings of being overwhelmed. I will finish my work, be supported in my response and have a further ally to work with in the future as well as gain confidence that I can achieve the tasks that I set out to do.

Of course I can continue to keep going deeper until I am satisfied, or leave it at that. The truth in the message is unique to each of us, and the message that is coming through. You may be directed to go off on a tangent, focusing on the Wolf and what it has to tell you, or use the dream as a mark in the map to begin to ask for more assistant and become diligent in your studies.

Another way you can go deeply into the cards is to ask what the card may be teaching you based on your Triggers and Key Symbols.


In terms of the Wolf these are a few questions I created to expand on in my interpretation and Journaling practice. Feel free to use them to explore in your own practice.

·         Where do I need to be a leader in my pack [class, work, friendship circle]

·         Where do I need to look at my aggressiveness in relation to my independence?

·         Why am I running to the familiar in my life, is it because it is less dangerous, or is it a way to resist or restrict a current form of expression I am afraid to explore?

·         What areas in my life to I need to embody the expression of being a ‘Lone Wolf’ or what areas in my life do I already embody that expression?

·         What causes in my life do I need to be loyal to?

·         How can I be accepting of help from likeminded people?

·         What areas are prominent in my life that I could benefit from stepping up in a fierce manner?

·         Who is my ‘Tribe’ or my ‘Pack’ and how do they mirror my life in relation to my dreams?


Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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