Monthly Guided Intuitive Reading May 2015




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Forgiveness and compassion…

It means stepping into others shoes to gain PERSPECTIVE and entering your own ZEN GARDEN, connecting with your spirit through your INNER SANTUARY, to see beyond the veils of illusion that we create personally and collectively.

Through looking, accepting, understanding and integrating compassion into all experiences of life, we can let go of the LOST LOVE we don’t feel in ourselves and reunite it with love and forgiveness for all; RELEASING, HEALING & SURRENDERING ourselves to the humility and fullness of the human capacity and its great awareness.


PERSPECTIVE begins with the transformation acted upon by speaking up and letting the light vibrate through you, working with the heart chakra and the energy of intellect you will begin to see yourself in others, shining a light upon the shadows, and will reveal the pathways that are available and unavoidable for going deeper into your inner world, past the veils of the underworld [the unconscious]. It is here that you can meet your forgiveness and compassion in the faces of the collective unconscious; the pure human capacity in all its forms.

This is where you where you will meet your ancestors and feel the traces of freedom that they gifted us, and also left us with you understand. These are the thin veins, pulsing and pumping generational lifeblood through us along with the shadow beneath out skin. Here is the long line of perceptions, and agreements followed through by manifestation and continued action. You must go to this place, willingly and vulnerable, receptive to change and shed to bleed whom you once were and born to be, be reborn beyond the veil.


It’s up to you to take these lines of vision into your INNER SANTUARY – YOUR ZEN GARDEN of receptivity and be willing to look at whatever comes up. Whether it be on paper, through an analyst, a walk in the garden or by a charge you feel like sharing through your blog, Gaia is extending her branches of power letting you know you supported by the GREAT MOTHER & the GREAT FATHER as you allow yourself to ground, and seek what is in the foggy forest of your life. You must walk down these unlit paths that are beckoning you to create space for them.

This month is asking you to pick up, gather, sort through and reconnect. There is beauty in both the fresh blossoming flowers and the crackled, torn edges of the orange dead leaf. Look at each one for they both have veins and life, stories to tell, things they want to tell you. Listen to those stories within and embrace their calling to be collected, and understood, and later shared. Be bold and brave when you step into them. In your time, in your space, you will create a ritual that is moving not only you personally, but Gaia as she carries us all along together.


The water of communication may be muddied as we come into Mercury retrograde into the middle of the month. However before then we are being asked to connect with the lost energies of love that have been partially silenced and to feel into the messages being whispered, or screamed at us through the THROAT & HEART chakra.

Our voice, our lifeblood our vision seems to be swirling in the midst of that loss of change. Look deeper beyond your tearful eyes and see that the water is being taken away churned back and returned with the ebb and flow that is life the current that we all have inside of us, to rest and be still.

We must step into it with all the love we have for Gaia, humanity and ourselves. We must awaken the cords that run though our body, ignited by the feminine power of the moon and the darkness that can no longer scare us when it becomes part of us. A piece that united with our light creates wholeness. A place we need to go into willingly; our shadow.

Stand underneath the moon and release old hurts, seek forgiveness and you stand alongside the GREAT MOTHER GAIA in all her stories and mythology. Surrender your loss to welcome in the new and to understand the lessons required and essential to evolve. Every loss is an opportunity to look at the veil we have created and to tear it down, and step into our own personal paradigm shift.  

I wish you blessings, and support as you uncover your AUTHENTIC BLISS in the month of May – Love xx Blair

Blair Mirth

Blair is a Pagan Loving, Earth magic maverick with a love for Tarot, poetry, Herbs, Creative Writing and Learning. Here you will find all manner of magical tips, techniques, interviews and sharings

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